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Importance and Benefits of Criminal Mitigation Videos

Justice departments not only fight for people who have been accused of wrongly but also for those who have made certain mistakes. There are actually various reasons as to why a person ends up committing a crime and understanding such reasons is important. This could help lead to rehabilitation rather than ending up with a punishment.

But, if a person is charged with a crime, prosecutors and law agencies could focus only on the facts of the case and on the person's previous crimes in knowing what pleas should be offered or on what sentence must be imposed.

Mitigation materials are important to help provide light on the full picture. This could help in showing the good character of a person like their education, family, living conditions, and a lot more.

It is also common for lawyers to provide such information in a written form to judges and to prosecutors. But times are changing fast and written materials could end up to deaf ears because it became a common place in the criminal justice system. For such obstacles to be overcome, mitigation videos are considered to be very helpful tools.

Mitigation videos are considered powerful tools that could help to humanize an individual and to tell effectively their story to a judge or a prosecutor. Also, such videos will allow the individual in becoming more than a police report and also more than a criminal history report. The mitigation videos also use cinematography and also videography in order to help produce a powerful story and to help capture the emotions of people.

The value of the statement of a video witness who will not testify or who could not testify personally should depend on the nature of their excuse and on how important the witness is to the claim of a defendant of mitigation. Another thing would be on their availability of other means in challenging the credibility of a witness aside from the cross-examination. The prosecution, however, has less to complain with whether it's given access to the video before being presented to the court, together with any valuable information like the contacts and names of the witness.

It's actually likely that more sentencing videos are going to be made as the criminal defense bar is seeing more of it and shows itself how effective it is. An assessment of its worth should await for its greater use.

The defendants who plead guilty of both state and federal level usually are going to be interviewed by the sentencing jurisdiction probation department, which actually is looking for background information about the family history, criminal history, and even the health history of a defendant to help the judge to determine the right sentence to be given.

There's an increasing number of defense counsel who is into the use of sentencing mitigation videos when it comes to presenting their clients in a more sympathetic light to get a much lower sentence or get a more favorable outcome. Personal injury attorneys also have used these kinds of videos in an attempt for them to win plaintiff's damage awards.

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